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June 27-28, 2015

Welcome to the Lincoln County Historical Museum website. The museum endeavors to reach the broadest range of the public to educate about the historical significance of west central Nebraska and the Platte River Valley. This website is designed to introduce you to our rich history.

This region not only has a long agricultural tradition, but a wonderful Native American and Pioneer history. The Pawnee, Arapaho, and Sioux all called this area home. The Oregon, Mormon, and California trails all ran through here. The Pony Express, Transcontinental Telegraph, Transcontinental Railroad, and First Transcontinental Air Mail Flight all came right through our front yards. One of our proudest legacies is the North Platte Canteen, which served 6 million troops during World War II.

We hope you enjoy this site and we hope it
will inspire you to visit the museum in the future.


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