Thanks to Don Milroy, owner of Brown-Harano Photography, over 70 years of photographs were donated to the museum.  It is his wish that we preserve all the historical photos in the collection and use the rest as a way to raise funds for the museum.  To that end, volunteers are pouring over the collection, sorting and cataloging each one.

The following list of names are of people the museum has photographs of that have been sorted and cataloged.  If you see your name or a family member's name and would like to have the photographs contact the museum.  We are suggesting a $25-$50 donation for each packet of photos.  Remember, this is a partial list.  If you don't see the names your looking for it means we haven't sorted and cataloged them yet.  We will continually update the list as more photos are cataloged.  This is a huge project of over 80,000 photographs so please be patient and check back regularly to see any new names added.

For photos listed below contact the museum at: 308-534-5640.